The Short Story...

Book an appointment for a private scanning session or walk in to get scanned in our Studio3D Photo Booth.

Strike a pose and our scanner takes photos with 89 cameras in under a second for you to review and approve.  Once approved, the photos are uploaded to our servers which “stitch” the images together into a three-dimensional object within 10 to 15 minutes to produce a 3D preview (the spinning gif's you may have seen on our site and social media).

We send you the preview image via email using the email address provided during the scan session.

If you like your 3D image, you can make a purchase in our online store by selecting the image and size for printing, and entering shipping and payment information.  Ordering can also be done at the Studio3D Photo Booth with our assistance to walk you through the order process.

Once the order is placed, the selected 3D image is reviewed and enhanced by a 3D artist and scheduled for printing.  The figurine is printed, cleaned, and shipped either directly to you or back to the store for pick up.

Next Steps...

Click on the Book Appointment link to get started now or continue reading for further details on the process from scan to print.

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Detailed walk through of the entire 3D scanning and printing process...

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