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It takes 1/4 second for our 89 cameras to take two pictures each for a total of 178 photos that get stitched together to create a 3D model.  We give you a countdown so you can hold your pose.

Finely powdered sandstone.  Each model is carefully crafted and should be regarded similar to a porcelain ornament and used for decorative purposes only. They are not be used as a toy or given to underage children. The material is hard and brittle and will break if dropped.  You shuld avoid placing your statues in direct sunlight or under a bright light of any sort! UV rays will fade your statues very, very quickly.  We do offer a protective coating which is UV-resistant and water-resistant that add a smooth matte-finish layer added to your statue

Bright colors, patterns and textures work the best (white and black are not ideal, and mesh objects such as lace and tulle will not print properly).

Please avoid:

  • Highly reflective colors, glasses with subtle frames (the thicker and darker the frames, the better).
  • Hats with a thin brim. Baseball caps should be worn backwards, removed, or should be held to your chest while scanning.
  • Long thin objects like swords, golf clubs, and canes because they typically break in the printing or shipping process. But if you hold them close to your body, we can capture the image.

Please keep in mind that 3D scanning and printing are relatively new technologies and there are limitations in the printing process.  We will do our best to help you strike a pose that produces the best possible results.


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